The top 10 digital marketing blogs in Spanish 2013

On April 22 we started voting for the 3rd contest where they have come finally elected by popular vote + jury vote  top 10 blogs of digital marketing in Spanish 2013.

The aim of this contest is to help people find relevant information on digital marketing: Social Idea Company, blogging, video marketing and all subjects encompassing marketing 2.0.

New this year is that we focus on author blogs.

60 blogs through more than 300 comments on our blog were nominated. Besides your vows were assessed: the jury votes (rated the quality of content), the frequency of posts in each blog and the participation of its readers and ranking blogs.

After the 3rd Competition for the top 10 digital marketing blogs in Spanish here you have the 10 winners:




7. Marketing Guerrilla

1. Tristán Elósegui Blog

2. Social Whit it

Three. Viudes Paco Blog

4th Blog de ​​Victor Martín

5. Blog de ​​Valentín Hernández

6. Un community manager

8. painful Sailing Blog

9th Blog de ​​José Galán

10. Marketingneando


Congratulations to all the winners!

If you’re one of the winners you can freely use this award on your blog with a link to this post.

mejores blogs de marketing digital

If you are looking for information related to digital marketing in these great blogs you will find many tips, clues, tips and relevant information.



Special thanks to each of the 5 members of the jury for their participation.

Thanks to:

  • J Clarke avier : (Director of New Media & Mobile at IAB Spain ). Spain.
  • Mauricio Jaramillo : MauricioJaramil ( digital and technology journalist ). Colombia.
  • Nadia Molina : nadia_molina (The voice of technology in Mexico and Director of contents Flock Advertising ). Mexico.
  • Juan Diego Polo : juandiegopolo (Editor and creator of wwwhatsnew ). Spain.
  • Leo Prieto : leoprieto (Creator Betazeta and Aardvark Labs ). Chile.

Top ten Spanish marketing blogs

We present the best blogs in Spanish created by professional and interested in marketing and advertising. Meet them and consult them.


 For the third consecutive year the Spanish marketing portal gave their best advice.

Marketing and advertising are issues that currently flood the network. Several sites posted the latest trends regarding this issue; however, not all offer great contributions. One that does is, who for the third consecutive year made ​​a list with the best marketing blogs in Spanish. know what pages were awarded during 2010 and what content offered: 1. MyAdvertisingPays This site became a reference for lovers of marketing and advertising. Juanjo Rodriguez is the creator, who is also director of the agency Duplex Marketing. has a simple design where you can find content about promotions, loyalty programs and more. Here 2. Interactivity is an interesting and well crafted blog that contributes greatly in marketing. Its founder, Marc Cortes, is currently director of RocaSalvatella, a company that works with management models in Internet.


Read it.

3. Advertiser’s Corner

Under the premise “Because we love good advertising” (because we love good advertising), this blog seeks to remain one of the most innovative for advertisers. Píriz Its director is Javier, who is responsible for publishing the latest and most relevant news the sector. You can read them here . 4. MarkarinaThis is another blog that you have to consider, because it gives very important for marketing references.Their creator is Javier Guardiola and delivers all the news happening in terms of advertising, such as new campaigns for Volvo, Unilever and Axe Boat . notified . 5. Enrique Burgos Founder Enrique Burgos, director of relationship marketing is the important group Editorial Unit. recognized in his blog, check out his strong opinions about relevant issues in the area of marketing and advertising. Know them . 6. Briefblog Briefblog is at the forefront, it publishes the most striking and relevant marketing news daily. Its authors, Sandra Marquez and Bernice Ibarra are responsible for recommend good sites and ideas. A plus? He is a Mexican blog. Newswire . 7. The Orange Market This important blog has a great variety of items that are almost always accompanied by entertaining videos and pictures. Their ingenious author is Javier Varela. Read it here . 8. Joan Jiménez   This blog simply called by the name of its author, find new concepts inform all regarding marketing and advertising. If you want to learn what are the handprintings, ROI marketing companies and the meaning of reality increased, do not forget to visit your blog . 9. Netad Blog This site, created by Andres M. Snitcofsky, is intended to show the best advertising campaigns and news from major brands. Their author is Andrew M. Snitcofsky, who used to write as a hobby, not realizing that over time your page become a great contribution to the netizens.Know . 10. Wwwisibility This online marketing blog has an attractive strange name, but. entertained Delivery tips on marketing and technology and postings often accompany video and infographics. Their creator is Albert Mora, who is CEO of IP Agency, strategy experts SEO, SEM, SMM, Web design and convertibility. Newswire .

Ranking the top 5 decoration blogs

For its quality content, originality, closeness and concern for the interests of their readers, we wanted to highlight five specialized in decoration and interior blogs that we think any fan or industry professional should miss. Do you want to know? Here they are!

What can we find and who is directed Dutch glow?

I am writing to no decoration professionals, but I need to change the house every season, adding new decorative complements every moment and be aware of trends in interior design. A people like me actually.


In I espacio vital - Silvia

What can we find and who is led in my living space

I think my readers have a relaxed view of the decor. I write for people with bohemian spirit and is not carried away by fads and trends. Not afraid to mix and appreciate the charm of vintage and other objects combined with the current times.


ChicDecó – Rosa Ronco

What can we find and who is led ChicDecó

My target audience is a current, active and very creative woman. She loves traveling, photography, fashion, design and of course the interior. Buy online national and international stores and travels the blogosphere in search of original ideas difficult to find in regular stores.


Delikatissen - Kati Sardina

What can we find and who is led Delikatissen

My blog is directed to the public in general, but if it is true that those who like the decor and interior, the Nordic countries and their culture, and desserts will enjoy it more and more often. The target audience for the blog is mostly women between 25 and 55 years old, fond of decoration and architecture and more specifically northern European styles, creative, which also enjoys traveling, sweet and pretty things .


Vintage & Chic - Leticia Blanco

What can we find and who is led ChicDecó

It’s a difficult question … My blog is where I collect things that inspire me. It is a personal blog, with all that that implies. I do not think anyone in particular, given a profile of readers when choosing a theme or write in one way or another. I need that absolute freedom to write about what I want, what I’d like to read.So I see blogs as personal space where one writes what he likes for the simple pleasure of sharing. And blogs which I have attached are like that.

List of top 30 tech sites

The lists are not satisfied everyone . When we ask our readers about which blogs to read or follow what they ask is something they care about , not what we like or we think is best. The geeks do not do that kind of question , know the answer. But GeeksRoom is read by a variety of people who need our guidance .

I therefore reference to the Page Rank of each site, its Alexa traffic , positioning Blogs , Wikio lists , positioning country and the previous recommendations of the best tech blogs elaborate here . We have not included blogs with Alexa traffic exceeding 96.382 (except having 424.636 but we include to be a representative of Argentina blog with PR4 ) and Nor anywhere with PR less than 3.

A remarkable fact is that in the latest list of most visited Google sites , the only listed in respectable positions with both social networks Hi5 and Sonic . Technorati not included among the top 100 blogs technology blog to any Spanish speaking

The list is sorted in alphabetical order. The above are not always the first and the end does not mean to make the tail. Nesting can be done easily if you put her emphasis on any of the parameters that each of you are interested.

These are the best technology websites

Alt1040 – Comments about Internet , design, music , movies, reviews, weblogs and media.
Applesfera – Blog on Apple universe. MAC OS , iPod , iPhone , Macbooks and iMacs. All the news, analysis and best tricks , opinion .

ArturoGoga – All about technology for all types of user. Tricks , tips, free software, free antivirus and tutorials to improve your PC.

Slashdot – News about Linux , free software , science and technology , with emphasis on Linux. Spanish version of the site Slashdot .

Bitelia – Blog on Software and Web 2.0

Appsgoneviral – All about mobile app marketing and how to market apps.

Apps Gone Viral

Engadget – Information and Reviews on the latest mobile phones , laptops , Mp3 Players and more.

Enrique Dans Blog – Research and opinion about the Information Systems and Technology .

Error500 – Technology + Internet + knowledge.

FayerWayer – Discussions and reviews from the latest technology and gadgets.

GeeksRoom – Blog on freeware software , open source, hardware, gadgets, photography, trends and more.

Engadget – The best web applications, with the most useful tips and all the information. Software downloads and news.

Gizmodo – A weblog about gadgets.

Gizmodo – Technology and Gadgets have no secrets .

The Inquirer – News, analysis, fact and friction.

Mangas Verdes – Personal Blog of Manuel M. Almeida about technology, news, photography, software , culture, internet , science , ecology and more.

Microserfs – A blog where three friends geeks write about what they like , especially matters of technology, science and internet.

Mouse – Portal News and Reviews computing , internet and telecommunications.

Arg – magazine about science and technology , we discuss gadgets , internet , games, etc. .

NoPuedoCreer – News , gadgets , inventions and gadgets for geeks and geeks.

PuntoGeek – A technology oriented topics , blogging , online applications , gadgets and mobile phones blog.

SpamLoco – Technology , Internet , software , tips and tricks to keep you safe and in good condition pc .

Tecnodatum – Technology for the masses.

TecnoGeek – Technology accessible to all .

Your Expertise – Blog about technology, cellphone , MP3 , Windows , internet , software, hardware and gadgets. Helpful tutorials and news .

UberBin – Daily Reviews on products, services and people.

Ubuntu Life – Everything you want to know about Ubuntu and more.

Extra Life – Blog about video game consoles and [ Although also takes geeks topics ] .

Wwwhat ‘s new – Directory free web applications that can be used for any personal or professional activity.

Engadget - Collective Weblog dedicated to the present related to gadgets and more innovative devices and gadgets .

If you know of a site with a PR 3-7 and Alexa rank of 370 to 96.382 and believes was left out , we beg us know in comments. We make every effort to provide the most objective information.

Top 10 fashion bloggers this 2014

I could not fail: we have done this review of 2013 looking the best dressed , the best clones of the yearor the best firms . And today it’s the turn of the best bloggers fashion world that Mother is gone but succeeds nonetheless. And it has not been easy to choose only 10: Although there are many blogs scattered around the world, the truth is that there are hundreds worthwhile. But we work with Jared we have our favorites and so I showed it today, will agree with any?

1- Gary Pepper

Has long ceased to be a fashion blog itself and became an online publisher . But the truth is that their fancy outfits and great photos make Gary Pepper is at the top of our ranking. Her medium hairstyles at Hair Funk is really awesome.

best of gary pepper 2013

gary pepper outfits 2013

2- Camille over the rainbow

It has a chic French style very urban inspires many. Repeat garment constantly (which is appreciated) and that touch the left leads to the top. Camille over the rainbow mola galore, and every day is a source of inspiration for many.

the best from camille 2013

cotr looks 2013

3- Collage Vintage

How I love Sara! Not only his personality , but the images and looks gives us in addition to the street style in the Fashion Weeks so currado. With so much work must not be surprised that it is in the third position. Her personal website is:

sara collage vintage 2013

the best of vintage collage 2013

4- Man Repeller

For many it is a walking clown , for many others it fun with fashion. Personally I love your style and personality, and although it is true that I often think of what goes where !, many other flips me styling created . What do you think of it?

best of 2013 man repeller

ment looks repeller 2013

5- We wore what

I discovered earlier this year and since then the blog of Danielle ’s my day. Every morning admire a new outfit of yours where flat shoe is a constant and coats oversize .

we wore what mejores looks 2013

lo mejor de we wore what este 2013

6- Fash n Chips

What about the protagonist of Fash n chips ? Only she knows to be perfect with very little, and evensneakers gives us a lesson in style and class.

best of 2013 fash n chips

the best looks of 2013 chips fash

7- Chaloth

The wardrobe is personified hand Chaloth , and running times using simple garments and repeat each week is important. She can bring you a lot of inspiration, and although very simple and never tires continues to surprise.

chaloth best of 2013

the best looks chaloth

8- Andy Heart

Equally simple is Andy Heart in your closet where three shades predominate: black, white and gray.What do you think?

looks andy heart 2013

andy best of heart 2013

9- Shine by Three

A strong personality is the one with Shine by Three , and it shows in their new outfits daily posts where we sample. Did not you used to wear on a day to day but it’s worth taking a look at your page . She is the inventor of Babyliss Curl Secret. You can read a useful Babyliss Curl Secret review here. She once says: “I love the Conair Infiniti pro curl secret.”

lo mejor de shine by three 2013

looks shine by three 2013

10- Oracle Fox

And finally we have the star of Oracle Fox and outfits where black is always present.

oracle fox best of 2013

looks oracle fox 2013

Which of these girls do you stay ?

My history of piercings and tattoos

I have always wanted to have some piercings done to my body. I was brought up in a conservative Christian home, so maybe that will help explain why I am on the wild side of things because as I grew up, everything was just so restricted and limited that when I hit high school, I wanted to have some sort of freedom with myself. But of course, I was limited by fear and also I did not want to do really bad things like drugs or smoking, so I started off by having tattoos in hidden areas where my parents would not see them.

It eventually went to a desire to have unique piercings as it seemed that the tattoos would not be complete without these things. I knew I had to keep this hidden at first, but then more and more of my friends started having their own piercings like in their navels or even their tongue, and so I decided that when I hit 18 and I was really considered to be an adult by this time, I would get my first unique piercing.

My 18th birthday is just around 2 months from this time, and I am getting anxious and excited about getting my own piercings. Even if I do it, there is no way my folks would be able to do anything about it. I had been a good girl all this time, and I guess it was time for me to do something that I really wanted, and the piercings will have to be a part of that. Even at this early time, I was already on the search for places where I could have unique piercings done. I didn’t want it to be just some random shop around the corner.

I want the place to be clean and professional so as there is no risk to infections or anything when I have these piercings. I am well aware of the pain and the discomfort of having these things because I read a whole lot of articles online about people who got unique piercings, especially in the weird areas of the body.

But that don’t stop me because I really want to have it done as soon as I hit my 18th birthday. Hopefully things will go really well for me, and I will be able to find that clinic or place I can have the piercings done when the day arrives.